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Used for general paste fertilizer recommendations
Type Model number Properties Characteristics Dosage
1,General resin
Modified acrylic acid NEO-8123 Modified acrylic resin

Optimum versatility, applicability for almost all resin systems with stern compatibility, including fluorine carbon resin, CAB, etc.;
favorable pigment stabilization and weather ability.

Modified polyester NEO-8202     Modified polyester resin  

Wide versatility, favorable pigment stabilization and weather ability;
super compatibility in super-long oleoyl alcohol acid systems;
specially designed for corrosion proof systems;

NEO-8204 Modified polyester resin wide versatility, applicable for almost all resin systems except fluorine carbon resin, and high cost performance;
favorable pigment stabilization and weather ability.
Modified alcohol aid NEO-8311 Modified polyester resin

High cost performance, pigment stabilization and compatibility;
particularly designed for general industrial paint systems.

2,Dispersing agents
Titanium white powder and inorganic pigments NEO-1503  

Acidic polymer

High dispersion whiteness as used for titanium white powder;
obvious viscosity deduction, excellent leveling performance and high brilliancy.

1-4%(for pigments)  
NEO-1510 Middle molecular polyurethane High performance of dispersion and viscosity reduction, obvious settlement prevention and resistance of floating color and blur. 1-4%(for pigments)

Organic pigments and carbon black
(for all systems)

NEO-1101     Acid macro molecular polyurethane  

With acid quality, no influence on storing stability of epoxy systems;
Favorable dispersion and stabilization effects for organic pigments and carbon black;
wide versatility.

20-150%(for pigments)
NEO-1103 Acid macro molecular polyurethane

With acidic characteristics, having high cost performance and versatility.

20-150%(for pigments)

Organic pigments and carbon black

(besides epoxy and strong acid systems)
NEO-1201 Macro molecular polyurethane

Favorable dispersion and stability effects for organic pigment and carbon black hard to dispersed.

20-150%(for pigments)
NEO-1203 Macro molecular polyurethane

Wide pigment applicability and high cost performance.

20-150%(for pigments)
NEO-1222 Polyurethane with special structure

Excellent viscosity reduction, stabilization and color phase for carbon black;
Favorable dispersion and stabilization for organic pigments.

20-150%(for pigments)
Economic type dispersing agents NEO-1604 Amphoteric wetting dispersing agents

Versatility and good pigment wetting property.

0.5-20%(for pigments)
NEO-1654 Amphoteric wetting dispersing agents Exclusive use for corrosion proof system, high cost performance and settlement resistance. 0.5-20%(for pigments)


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