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Special products

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Closed dodecylbenzene sulfonic acid solution


Closed acid catalyst used for amino group stoving varnish systems.
High catalysis efficiency and solidification speed;
better weather ability, flexibility and brilliancy;
high solution, capable of solution with aromatics solvents; high compatibility; the lowest unsealing temperature of 120℃.



Closed Para-toluene sulphonic acid solution


Closed acid catalyst used for amino group stoving varnish systems.
Particularly high catalysis efficiency and high solidification speed;
high brilliancy, uneasy to turn yellow with excess baking, and the lowest unsealing temperature of 80℃



Epoxy phosphoric acid ester solution


Adhesive force accelerant.
Improving adhesive force on base material of non-ferrous metals;
high compatibility and low influence on brilliancy;
considerable acid catalysis effect in amino group stoving varnish systems;
used for pre-coating with notable improvement of decay resistance;
comparatively, NEO-8980 has higher compatibility and correspondent water solubility, and can be used for hydrotactic systems containing co-solvents; NEO-8982 has higher stability.



Special acrylic resin


Formaldehyde absorbent.
Special formaldehyde absorbing grounds, capable of reacting with formaldehyde at ordinary temperature to generate innocuous substance;
effectively eliminating formaldehyde evaporated from base material of furniture to prevent human bodies from damage;
high and wide compatibility in woodenware paint systems, and lasting effects.


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