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Defoaming agents

Model number




Application scope









Non-silicon polymer solution


Excellent defoaming agents for UV, UPE, epoxy and other systems;
high safety, no shrink cavity even in UV spray or coating system;
excellent compatibility, low influence on transparency of paint membrane,
a certain of leveling effects.



Modified organic silicon and foam breaking polymer solution


Excellent defoaming and de-aeration effects as used for epoxy auto-leveling systems;
excellent leveling effects for easy creating smooth and even paint membrane.



Non-silicon polymer solution


Excellent defoaming agents for UPE, high foam breaking performance and high cost performance;
a certain of leveling effects.



Foam breaking type modified organic silicon solution


Defoaming agents with uniform performance and high cost performance;
high defoaming performance, safety and transparency.



Foam breaking type modified polyether organic silicon solution


High safety, little tendency of shrink cavity, and high cost performance.



Fluorine-silicon polymer solution


Defoaming agents with high efficiency, especially high foam breaking performance-bubbles carried in as constructing can be eliminated quickly as used for roll coating and brush coating systems;
high safety and little tendency of shrink cavity;
high clearness and low influence on transparency inside paint tanks or on paint membranes;
comparatively, NEO-5606 has high cost performance, and NEO-5606D has lighter odor and higher defoaming performance.



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