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Coatings industry, the introduction of the 2011 top ten policies promulgated a series of industry-standard
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The face of fluctuations in the market cycle, the policy control seems to have become instinctive reaction, overheated cooling, cold sweat. Whether the interests of different enterprises, or viewpoints of scholars, the necessity of policy control is almost unanimous in the affirmative, and the root of the policy but few people get to the bottom. In fact, China's national conditions, we have to be highly concerned about the adjustment of national policies, but also concerned about the root causes of the policies and the resulting impact.

Things of the world beyond the human, because the information. Market economy, if you want to grasp the details of its operation, the required amount of information far beyond the scope of one or two good head can handle. In order to accurately determine the stage of the economic cycle, the best point to the right's efforts to meet the market, usually the practice of the wise is: to foresee opportunities and avoid risks.

About to bid farewell to 2010, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the new economic policy situation, to keep the industry sustainable development, which is the subject we are facing together. In this small series inventory in 2010 the relevant policies of the coatings industry, hoping to help analyze the 2011 paint industry developments.

1, to further strengthen the construction fire safety

November 13, 2010, the national key cultural relics protection units, Tsinghua University, Tsinghua School fire burned an area of about 800 square meters; November 15, Jing'an District, a high-level residential building to a catastrophic fire, killing 53 people. 70 people were injured. These two incidents occurred in the renovation of existing building stage. Recently, the State Council issued the "Circular on Further Improving the fire and resolutely curb the notification of major fire accidents" (Guo Ban Fa Ming Dian [2010] No. 35, hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), some parts of a spate of serious and major fire accidents have been briefed, and to strengthen the fire safety requirements.

"Notice" requirement to carry out in-depth special action to crack down on illegal violations of construction, supervision and guidance of construction enterprises to earnestly implement the responsibility system for fire safety.

Focus on avoiding, reducing fire losses, without taking into account the smoke toxicity and environmental pollution, fire-resistant coating of concern and attention.

At present, a large proportion of the intumescent fire retardant coating on the market, basically the use of ammonium polyphosphate (APP) / pentaerythritol (PE) / melamine (MEL) on behalf of the fire retardant system. These systems are chemical intumescent, rely mainly on the chemical reaction between the different components to generate the expansion of the carbon layer in the scene, the process will release toxic fumes. Therefore, research and development of the system to substitute / replace the material is the key to solve the environmental problems of the fire-resistant coating.

Moreover, in order to comply with the paint industry trends, we should vigorously develop the recognized environmentally friendly fire retardant paint, water, high solids grading paint. Water-based coatings, especially film material for the polymer emulsion paint both good environmental and fire performance. In addition, the environmental radiation curing fire-resistant coating are also being considered.

With the entire coatings industry to 5E forward, fireproof coatings industry will inevitably have to face the issue of environmental protection. This fire-resistant coating industry is a challenge and an opportunity. In the future, fire-resistant coating from the production of raw materials, coatings production until the quantitative calculation of the whole process of construction, processing of residues, energy and material consumption, waste disposal, in particular, is the toxicity of the combustion products of fire-resistant coating, countries consider the areas.

GB24409-2009 "car paint limit of harmful substances," the promulgation and implementation of

GB24409-2009 "car paint limit of harmful substances," promulgated and implemented, will have a huge impact in the automotive industry and automotive paint manufacturers. The technical requirements of this standard are to control the content of harmful substances according to the ratio when the coating.

Domestic automotive coatings in addition to the primer most of the water-based Outsider, coating and topcoat or solvent-based paints mainly the implementation of this standard will be pressure for the domestic automotive coatings industry, but also a missed opportunity. it is conducive to optimizing the structure of the paint manufacturing industry and even integration to improve. Domestic auto paint manufacturers should improve the health, safety and environmental awareness, strengthen their own internal quality management with the necessary analysis and testing equipment to monitor the production of harmful substances in the raw materials and products, strengthen the management of the supplier to avoid failure The raw materials used in automotive coatings manufacturing. , We must also strengthen the scientific and technological innovation, narrowing the technology gap with foreign countries, so as to remain invincible in the competition in the new environmentally friendly products.

3, building waterproof coating harmful substances "standards promulgated

In November 2010, the National Light and Decoration Building Materials Standardization Technical Committee held a building waterproof coating harmful substances "industry review meeting to review by the standards, recommendations and reported to the National Development and Reform Commission for approval as soon as possible, promulgated, implementation.

"Limit" of harmful substances of the building waterproof coating industry standards, research institutes, scientific and technological achievements of quality inspection agencies and production companies collaborating, there are six research institutes, quality inspection agencies participated in the drafting, undertake experimental research tasks. Keshun, Guangdong, Shanghai Tunnel, wet Parkway, Beijing East China Sea, Oriental Yuhong 11 domestic well-known waterproof paint companies participated in the drafting. Germany's BASF (China) Company also actively involved in the standard drafting work.

As we all know, waterproof coatings and waterproofing membrane is used in a wide range of two waterproofing materials, waterproofing works waterproof coatings are widely used in roofing, waterproofing works toilet Wei, underground, etc.. Over the past decade, expanded to a functional water areas such as bridges, tunnels, subways, water reservoirs, sewage treatment. Excellent waterproof performance, ease of construction and other characteristics of all ages by the engineering community. However, due to the production of waterproof coating process, some companies using toxic substances such as tar as solvent, harmful substances in production and construction process, a large number of volatile, leading to the accident every year, workers poisoned to death, not only serious environmental pollution, but also harm the production the health of construction workers.

Currently on the market "tar", "green" waterproof coating, no judgment standard applicable determination method. The waterproof coating on the market, quite a mixed bag, good and bad, real to the enemy, formulate a unified industry standard for building waterproof coating harmful substances "to become a top priority.

Has been reviewed by the building waterproof coating harmful substances "industry standard, the required standards for construction waterproof coatings and waterproofing materials supporting the use of auxiliary materials. Divided into A, B grade waterproof coating based on the content of harmful substances. Class A green waterproof coating; the threshold of the B-class content to enter the market as a waterproof coating, waterproof coating must meet the minimum requirements.

According to the nature of the building waterproof coating is divided into: water-based, reactive, solvent-based, three types of waterproof coating. Divided into A, B, two solvent-based waterproof coating is only Class B water-based, waterproof coating reaction based on the content of harmful substances.

Standard requirements, three types of waterproof coatings A, B, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene in the sum of soluble heavy metals (lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury), phenol, anthracene, naphthalene, free TDI, respectively, is clearly stated. Harmful substances in water-based waterproof coating more stringent than the GB18582-2007 "interior decoration materials, interior wall paint harmful substances" (issued) of the specified target.

4, the titanium dioxide industry in the next 5-10 years: sulfuric acid method Alone chlorination auxiliary

Made it clear that the petrochemical industry revitalization plan developed and published by the China Petrochemical and Chemical Industry Association in 2015 to strive for 15% of the total capacity of the chlorination of production capacity of titanium dioxide (eg, when expansion of the program can achieve, titanium White total capacity will be 500,000 tons / year).

It can be expected: the next 5-10 years, China Titanium Dioxide Industry no longer is the sulfuric acid process of world domination, but the overall trend will also be sulfuric acid masters chlorination supplemented.

Chlorination technology monopolies and development of such reasons, in countries outside the United States has been difficult to spread. Since 2005, the national industrial policies have chlorination as to encourage the development of class but there is no obvious effect. Yunnan Xinli chlorination unit was under construction, the final operating results difficult to predict. Several other brewing in the chlorination Act bill seems to be a long way to go. This can be achieved, even if they can achieve, whether the success and smooth running are still unknown.

5, "toys with harmful substances in the paint limited the implementation of

China's first "toys with harmful substances in the paint limited" national standards promulgated and came into effect on October 1, 2010. The specific provisions of the standard five categories of harmful substances in the paint of children's toys, including the total lead content of ≤ 600 mg / kg, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) ≤ 720 g / l, benzene levels ≤ 0.3%, toluene, ethylbenzene ≤ 0.3%, and eight of soluble elements, xylene, six types of phthalate esters limited requirements, as well as eight soluble elements, limited requirements of the six types of phthalate esters.

China is a large toy manufacturers, toy exports big country, a mandatory standard will contribute to good raw and auxiliary materials off, shut out the number of substandard toys with paint suppliers, so as to further enhance the overall quality of the toy companies product . Qualified toys manufactured after October 1, you should specify in detail the paint instructions.

Toys paint as used directly in contact with children's toys and materials, the use of safety requirements in recent years has been the focus of Europe and the United States and other developed countries and regions, corresponding to the targeted standards and regulations have been put forward. The new standard applies to most of the exporting country, which means that for the paint in toy products exported to Europe and most countries outside the will executed in accordance with the provisions of GB24613-2009.

The toys will give enterprises the implementation of the coatings of mandatory national standards. In general, a qualified supplier of coatings should establish a good raw material traceability system; stand the factory inspection and sampling; products inspected by third-party testing organizations; the right model to do the archive.

2007 "toy recall" events baptism, many toy companies in China have the paint to establish a "self-policing" system.

6, titanium, magnesium and industrial emissions to the implementation of new standards

Department of Environmental Protection announced magnesium, titanium industry emission standards (GB25468-2010), the standard was implemented from October 1, 2010.

The standard provides for magnesium, titanium, industrial production process water pollutants and atmospheric emission limits, monitoring, and monitoring requirements. The standard applies to magnesium, titanium industry water pollutants and air pollutant emissions management, as well as magnesium, titanium industrial enterprises in the construction project environmental impact assessment, environmental protection facilities design, completion environmental protection acceptance and its post-commissioning of water pollutants Management and emissions of air pollutants.

The bulletin said, the standard does not apply to magnesium, titanium regeneration and rolling processing industry, water pollutants and the management of emissions of air pollutants; does not apply to water pollutants of magnesium, titanium enterprises characteristics of production processes and devices and air pollutant emission management.

The provisions of the standard of water pollutants discharge control requirements applicable to, directly or indirectly to its discharge of water pollutants outside the legal boundaries of behavior. Magnesium, titanium industrial enterprises discharge pollutants into the ambient noise for the national pollutant discharge standards, resulting in the identification, treatment and disposal of solid waste for the national solid waste pollution control standards.

It is reported that the standard was first released. Magnesium, titanium, industrial enterprises since the date of implementation of this standard, water and air pollutant emissions from the implementation of this standard, no longer perform the "Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard (GB8978-1996), the atmospheric pollutants emission standards (GB16297-1996 industrial furnaces) and air pollutant emission standards (GB9078-1996) with the relevant provisions.

7, the relevant standard of China's wind power equipment, protective coatings introduced

Due to the particularity of the wind farm industry, in order to provide technical security to ensure that wind power equipment manufacturers and raw material procurement, many countries have established the quality standards and certification system.

Held on 25-28 October 2010 in Ningbo in 2010, anti-corrosion coatings industry has learned that the next 10 years China's wind power protection coatings will enter a period of rapid growth and average annual market demand of up to 10000 tons or more, the relevant departments have also begun to develop national standards.

However, the coatings industry in China there is no coating of the wind power industry and national standards, but the Machinery Industry Federation, China Classification Society and other agencies to develop a series of wind power equipment standards corresponding requirements of the paint protection.

8, the first interior decoration industry standard for the forthcoming

Recently, the housing construction interior decoration design drawing standards "review meeting chaired by the housing and urban construction, Standard Quota Architecture, Southeast University held a grand rally. The meeting discussed and approved the preparation of the program of housing construction interior decoration design drawing standards, it marks the Chinese interior decoration industry a national industry mapping standards forthcoming.

Housing construction interior decoration design drawing standards "notice" According to the Ministry of Housing and Urban "on the issuance of the 2009 engineering construction standard specification formulation, the revised Scheme> (built standard 200 988) called for the development of national industry standards. With this standard, our interior design professionals in the design drawing for reference in accordance with its regulations will improve the level of China's interior design, architectural decoration industry in China toward faster and better development.

9, part of the coatings industry standards into the public notice period

Industry and Information Technology Ministry of Science and Technology Division has recently published a batch of industry standards and revision of plans, and publicity, which involves SH/T3022-2010 petrochemical equipment and pipe coating anti-corrosion design specifications and SH/T3548-2010 "oil chemical coating anticorrosion Construction Quality Acceptance.

According to the editors to understand, SH/T3022-2010 petrochemical equipment and pipe coating anti-corrosion design specifications "will replace the original SH3022-1999 standard specification petrochemical equipment and pipe coating anti-corrosion design requirements applicable to steel petrochemical equipment , the outer surface of the pipe and its subsidiaries steel coating corrosion resistant design.

SH/T3548-2010 coating anticorrosion of petrochemical construction quality acceptance of the provisions of the petrochemical steel equipment, piping and steel outer surface of the coating anticorrosion of quality acceptance criteria, and its range of new construction, renovation applicable to the petrochemical, The expansion project, steel equipment, piping and steel outer surface of the coating anticorrosion construction quality inspection, does not apply to the acceptance of the coating anticorrosion of the long-distance pipeline construction quality.

In addition, the building materials industry category involves JCCPXT4351-2010 "building the outer surface of the heat-reflective insulation coatings", and JCCPZT4359-2010 low VOC water-based interior wall coating materials ". Which, JCCPXT4351-2010 "building the outer surface of heat-reflective insulation coatings" recommended standard, is original JC/T1040-2007 the revised standard is planned to be completed in 2012. JCCPZT4359-2010 low VOC waterborne interior wall coating materials "as the new standard-setting voluntary standards, the same plan to be completed in 2012.

10.9 kinds of chemicals are included in the banned chemicals

Recently, the United Nations Environment Programme in accordance with the 2001 Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), the new nine kinds of chemical substance in harmful to human and animal health and environmental prohibitions and restrictions of chemicals substances list, which world as a prohibition and restrictions on the use of chemicals, the total number of 21 kinds.

The United Nations Environment Programme in Geneva released a press release, including alpha-HCH, beta-HCH, HexaBDE and HeptaBDE four polybrominated diphenyl ether and pentabromodiphenyl ether, chlordecone, six polybrominated biphenyls, lindane, pentachlorobenzene, and PFOS and its salts and perfluorooctane sulfonyl fluoride and other chemicals prevalent to varying degrees, be used as a killing pesticides, fire-resistant agent, or for other commercial purposes, so often the intake and animal organs.

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