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2011 exterior house paint market development of three major trends
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The rapid development of China's paint industry, new technologies, new products, increasingly fierce competition, especially water-based paint is the most popular. To this end, the coatings industry to be done? How to get to a higher level, the paint companies should be aware of the world paint industry trends in order to pursue their sustainable development.

To the development of water-borne

Structure of the coating species toward to reduce VOC and other direction, water-based coating is one of the development. Chinese traditional solvent-based coatings proportion decreased gradually, the pace of development of waterborne coatings quickly, polyvinyl alcohol class of low-grade varieties still account for a large proportion of Improve the quality of the waterborne coatings, development of new varieties is to consolidate and develop the important part of waterborne coatings. Key research and development should be based on vinyl acetate - acrylic copolymer emulsion, styrene - acrylate copolymer emulsion and pure acrylic series of latex paint as the base material-based, and fight for durability, the film smoothness, fullness degree, construction , decorative and other breakthroughs; for the more mature the epoxy emulsion, waterborne polyurethane water-based base material should continue to study the high-performance waterborne coatings to meet the special requirements of the part.

To the development of high-performance, high-grade

As an ideal performance of the coating, not only to protect and beautify the substrate, and to give the substrate itself can not have special features, new base material can paint a very alarming high performance, high value-added, high-level of effects, such as fluorine resin coating of the high weather resistance, used in construction to obtain good results. Because the fluorine resin coating with excellent weather resistance, durability, chemical resistance compared with other synthetic resin. However, the fluorine resin is more expensive, for the construction of external wall finishes be greatly hampered. Japan's Asahi Glass Company fluorine resin architectural coatings, the performance is very good, but raw material costs about 80 yuan / kg. Great importance to fluorine resin in water-based aspects of the development, especially fluoride, fluorine resin-modified copolymer emulsion, making it a good, high quality performance, and price as well as the acceptance of high quality base material for the lay the foundation for the development of high-performance, high-grade paint. Waterborne polyurethane coatings, should concentrate on product development. Polyurethane is one of the excellent performance of high-grade materials, making it water-based, not only to meet the requirements to reduce pollution, conserve energy, but also to maintain the characteristics of the polyurethane.

To the development of functional

In addition to intensify our efforts in the existing low level of quality, fire protection, anti-virus, pest control, insecticide, insulation, insulation, and other functional coatings on scientific research, but also step up research and solve difficult architectural decoration, the new problem. Composite technology is an effective way to improve and meet all kinds of functions.

First, the function of the composite. Composite elastic function and respiratory function: excellent elastic latex was hydrophilic functional groups of surface modification of micro-shell (ultrafine particles) composite, flexible capacity and water vapor permeability coexist. Elasticity function and low pollution features of the compound: compound at room temperature the reaction emulsion with hydrophilic coating technology, combined by using the molecular weight of the cross-linking reaction to latex, to improve elongation and membrane density, so that the elastic function and less polluting sexuality.

Secondly, to strengthen basic research on acid rain paint buildings affected by the acid rain corrosion problems, and strive to achieve a breakthrough in the binder composite technology and related auxiliary matching to solve the corrosion of China's growing problem of acid rain on buildings major challenge.

Third, the modified features of the base material composite for the existing base material for a special performance of the modified and special features compound. Such as silicone modified acrylic weathering and moisture curing polyurethane breathable Phase combination in order to achieve the dual role of the special features.

In addition, the silicone modified acrylic resin coating with excellent weather resistance, stain resistance, chemical resistance, is an important development direction of Chinese architectural coatings. Powder coating due to the non-toxic, safe performance, will also be the direction of the main exhibitions of high-end architectural coatings.

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