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Architectural coatings inadequate supply of quality products
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Although the annual production of architectural coatings in China has over 1.5 million tons, but in the product mix and grade did not keep up with consumer demand in the market, there are many problems to be solved now. Overall, look at the architectural coatings market, more than 80 percent organic products, 20% inorganic products, interior paint, waterproof paint, exterior paint accounted for 65% of the total production, 16% and 13%, while the multi-purpose functional coatings is only about 6%. With the increasingly urgent pursuit of quality of life, people are increasingly concerned about the pros and cons of their own living environment, are quite concerned about the comprehensive functions of the majority of urban consumers for interior wall paint. They not only interior wall paint has the basic characteristics of a good brushing effect and can be repeated scrubbing, also put forward higher requirements for the appearance of the coating. Require paint or gorgeous or warm coating. With the popularity of the network, consumers usually do some research before the purchase of paint, so pay more attention to the details of the coating, etc.. Such as film showing shiny, delicate texture of the film. However, consumers are most concerned about, or paint their own safety and health issues. This is why there is more paint manufacturers flagship green card and an important reason for low VOC.
Consumer desire for high performance environmentally friendly green products, but a very small proportion of environmentally friendly green products, the real share of architectural coatings, therefore resulting in inadequate supply of architectural coatings in China's current high-end products, the low-end products competing malicious price situation. Faced with a huge market, many manufacturers do not want to make great efforts to research and development of high-quality products, but persisted in its own low-quality, low-level architectural coatings production and operation of the "vicious circle" playing around. Waterborne architectural coatings, for example, so far, these products are still mainly middle and low. Some manufacturers are not based on technological innovation and product upgrading, but to use the psychology of consumers seeking high-tech products, free to their own products labeled as "green paint" or "green paint". Thus, the "Green has become a basket, what are inside filled", resulting in numerous "green" products on the market, quite a mixed bag.

An industry experts revealed that nearly 90% of "green paint" only products to reduce some of the chemical raw materials and their use, relatively lower toxicity of the paint. At the same time, the experts pointed out that the coatings industry in China is only water-based paint can be issued a "green flag" But even if the "green" paint, and can only be done a better job in terms of environmental protection, while the smooth surface of the coating bonding and other technical indicators are often not taken into account column. Consumers in the purchase of paint, several performance must take into account, which requires a truly high quality product. Compared with the urban market, the vast rural market conditions are more severe, low-quality architectural coatings have nothing to fear occupies a huge market space.

The poor quality of these products is mainly in three aspects: First, fade, yellow, sky blue, painted the walls a few days will change color, so that the new house becomes "old house"; is easy to fade, brushing still untouchable after the walls dry, touch is necessary to stick full of hands dirty; is easy to crack initiation, cracks paint dry, as parched as ugly wall.

These low-quality paint mostly from the illegal production of paint processing plant, the Ministry offered some unscrupulous elements in the urban fringe or rural remote areas, rent an empty hospital, aircraft cauldron, can be produced with "paint". They use the farmers to the veracity of not only just for the sake of cheap mentality, attract farmers to purchase an inexpensive and convenient supply characteristics, in order to seize the majority of rural coatings market. To change the situation of overproduction of low-quality paint products, the majority of manufacturers should be technically more effort. Interior wall paint to the healthy direction; exterior paint to the stain resistance, the direction of the white emulsion; waterproof coating to the water-based, flexible, acid and alkali, anti-cracking direction. The same time, we must proceed to develop a variety of functional coatings, to fire, mold, pesticides, sterilization, heat insulation, anti-carbonation, static, and other aspects. At the same time, we should take effective measures, counterfeit products have no opportunity.

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