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  NEO blending agent, acquiring paint requirements and improving paint features!

  Introduction of foreign advanced technologies and localization for improvement. A team is consisted of no only blending agent elites with more than ten years of technique, sale, application and production management experiences from multiple international blending agent companies, but also paint experts with tens of years of formulation design, examination and production management experiences from large homemade paint companies.

  We created the company for devoting our self to studying, manufacturing and providing general resin, macro molecular hyper-dispersing agents, wetting dispersant reagents, acrylate leveling agents,organic silicon leveling agent, foam breaking agents, other specific resin and blending agent products, which apply to the Chinese paint industry and serve the global market.

  With ideas of caring about clients and developing mechanisms of localization, the development periods are shortened with reaction capabilities improved. We prefer to develop and produce specific blending agents and general resin products for our clients to meet the requirements of the clients and the market, and cooperate with our clients to expand with close service and marketable products.

  The general resin in the modified propenoic acid group, such as NEO-8123 and so on, developed by our company has extensive compatibility and superior hydroxyl value, especially solves the compatibility issues in the general resin groups, such as fluorine carbon resin, CAB and so on, and has wide application future in the comprehensive paint companies with long production lines and color paste factories.

  NEO-1101 macro molecular acidic hyper-dispersing agent, the worldwide fist creation, has full acidic paint anchoring base groups which are different from the traditional macro molecular dispersing agents and thoroughly solve the application matters of the epoxy hyper-dispersing agents with middle or macro molecules, so that the issue of dispersing and storing upscale organic pigment and carbon black can be solved easily. Owing to the unique storing stability of the acidic anchoring base group and super pigment stabilization, the product is widely applied to almost all paint systems including the epoxy system, coiled material paint and acid solidification woodenware paint.

NEO-1222 hyper-dispersing agent, with adoption of a peculiar structure, can obtain excellent dispersion stabilizing effects in all kinds of carbon black, including the homemade 311 carbon black. Simultaneously, except for the excellent co-grinding effects, high brilliancy and excellent flow leveling performance can be achieved, for making it different from the micro-molecule wetting agents.

  Except for favorable leveling effects, the NEO-3162 acrylate leveling agent can remarkably assist the orientating effects of the aluminum powder paint. Excellent performance can be found either in coiled material paint of roll coating systems or in plastic paint of spray systems.

  The latest developed formaldehyde absorbent of the NEO-8990 series can be applied to the family decoration woodenware paint for effectively adsorbing and decomposing the formaldehyde in the woodwork, to make family decoration more clean with environmental protection.

  The latest developed exclusive dispersing agent for NEO-1730, 1734 carbon black provides the effects of low assumption and high efficiency for the carbon black, especially for the widely used primary carbon black with lower cost, such as the homemade 311 carbon black.

  We expect to explore with you for more products with more properties!

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